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If you have any questions about the rules please contact:

Rob Duckworth duckworthrobert@hotmail.com for more info.


Lagrunta 2016 Rules & Payout Schedule

1st half of season
(18 points races)
 1st  620 Lug Nuts
 2nd 310 Lug Nuts
 3rd 110 Lug Nuts


2nd half of season
(18 points races)
 1st  641 Lug Nuts
 2nd 322 Lug Nuts
 3rd 110 Lug Nuts

1) Lugnuts (110.00) to be paid before start of first race. (Daytona 500)

 2) Season will be a split season consisting of 18 points races each.  (non-points races like the Nextel All-Star race and the races previous to the Daytona 500 DO NOT count in the season).

 3) Your points total will go to zero on the 19th race of the season - your weekly wins total will continue for rest of year.

4) Payout for first & second seasons are listed in the column to the left. *First place monies not decided until total number of players is determined.

5) Most "individual" weekly wins at end of season is worth 110.00*

*If two or more people are tied at end of year in weekly wins then there will be a tie breaker system used - contact Rob Duckworth duckworthrobert@hotmail.com for more info.

6) Weekly points are determined when NASCAR puts out official standings - usually by the Thursday of that week, or when the points become official on the NASCAR web site.

7) Only car numbers will be allowed as a pick.  It is the responsibility of the player to check their own entry for correctness.

8) You can enter as many picks as you like but the pick closest to the start time of the race will be the one used for points.  No picks after the start of the race will be counted.  The picks are time stamped and dated when entered.

9) If you do not put in picks for a weekly race the last picks you did enter will be carried forward and used as your picks for the current week.  (If a car in those picks does not run the race you will get 0 (zero) points for that car number on that entry.

10) If you pick a car/driver that does qualify or does not run in the race and is not awarded points by NASCAR that pick will count as a 0 (zero) for that car number.

11) Points docked from a driver by NASCAR will not affect the results of the Lagrunta Racing League totals.

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