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2018 Lagrunta 1st Half Champion, Clint Duckworth 

2018 Lagrunta 2nd Half Champion, Mike Goode

2018 Wins Leader, Bubba Cantwell

2019 Lagrunta 1st Half Champion, Bill Warner

2019 Lagrunta 2nd Half Champion, TBD

2019 Wins Leader, TBD 


League Commissioner  Rob Duckworth

Next Race

Sunday, Novemer 17, 2019  Time 3:00 PM EDT NBC

Ford Ecoboost 400

| Homestead-Miami Speedway | Homestead, FL |

Approximate Green Flag Time 3:18 PM EDT

Welcome 2018 Nascar Race Fans


Levi Goode and Jerry McKnight win this week with a nice score of 154. Bill Warner keeps a slim lead in the 2nd half standings. Congratulations to Bill, Levi and Jerry. Tom Gudger stays in the lead for Weekly Wins with 4 stand alone wins. Last race of the season. The race airs on NBC Sunday afternoon this week. Good luck to all.

Please visit the "Make Picks" page and enter your race picks BEFORE the green flag drops each race.  Your Weekly Points are the total points accumulated for your three drivers eachweek as designated by Nascar. Make sure your picks are for drivers that have selected the Sprint Cup Series as their points series.  Drivers that haven't declared the Sprint Cup Series as their points series accumulate 0 points for Sprint Cup races.  Also, make sure your picks are for valid race teams.  The 04 car is not the same as the 4 car.

Please visit the Player's Info page and make sure your e-mail is correct.  If not, contact Bill Warner at wwarner84@aol.com. Web site issues will be communicated through e-mail if necessary.

Re-clarification of Overall Wins criteria as stated on the Lagrunta Rules page, Rule #5: Most "individual" weekly wins at end of season is worth 100 Lug Nuts.

*If two or more people are tied at end of year in weekly wins then there will be a tie breaker system used - contact Rob Duckworth duckworthrobert@hotmail.com for more info.

Don't forget to check out the Overall Wins Page link the side or bottom of the page.


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